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The idea of simplicity appears in many cultures, especially the Japanese tradition of Zen Philosophy. Japanese manipulate the Zen culture into aesthetic and design elements for their buildings. In terms of food, Japanese use of the Zen culture reflects their simplistic and minimal cuisine. Through precise technique, minimal process, and bold flavor, Japanese cuisine fully embodies the idea of minimalist cuisine.


Tofu, also known as bean curd, is made by pressing soy milk curds into soft blocks. Tofu is a versatile ingredient that can take on many flavors and textures in Japanese cooking.

The tradition of soup in Japanese cuisine is essential to their culture. A hot, delicious soup can be made with very few ingredients and still bursts with delicious flavor. Ramen dishes are very popular and are highly versatile, perfect for any cook looking for uncomplicated dishes.

Grilled food in Japan allows the flavor of the food stands out without much accompanying extra flavors. Teppanyaki is a fast and fresh way to cook a minimal Japanese meal. Using fresh meats and vegetables ensures bright and delicious tasting meals.

Japan, being an island nation, is known for its significant use of seafood. Seafood is used minimally because it is very commonly eaten raw in Japanese cuisine. We recommend using local and organic seafood that is as fresh as possible.

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